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DIGITAL CANAL INDIA is exclusively formed company to sell civil engineering estimation quantity software tools all over India. We are the exclusive distributors of very popular ‘DIGITAL CANAL CORPORATION, USA’; the brand who are having more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering structural and estimating software all across USA.
We are entering into Indian market with our 3 prime tools for Estimations of residential and commercial buildings
We assure you about Time efficient operations and Accuracy with very user friendly experience.


Just fill the request form for your desired tool and we will give you free demo version setup, Once you install the tool at your side, you will be allowed to use that for 15 days for FREE

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Constro-Mate-XD      STELQ      DTO and BidBuilder     Complete Package
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Estimation SERVICES


We provide all bound estimations for your Residential and commercial buildings projects. Different types of reports and formats along with all essential elements can be provided. Stage wise, Item wise report generation will allow you for various tendering process, bank related work, RERA format filling. BOQ with all including will be the final output.

For rates of this service please contact us.

CAD Services

We draft and provide you
1 . Auto CAD Drawing
2 . 2D,3D
3 . CAD Conversions

Student Program

  • DIGITAL CANAL INDIA have designed an exclusive program for Degree & Diploma Civil Engineering Students
  • We have designed different training programs on 'Learning the Automated Estimation method by using Digital Canal Estimating Software'
  • Personal Training - Special batches of personal training are available for engineering students & construction professionals on request. Also weekend batches are available for personal training of our tools.


We are looking for dynamic, young entrepreneur to join us as a BUSINESS PARTNER.
Please fill the details if you desire to work with DIGITAL CANAL INDIA.


Our Clients

We got the excellent tools & service from DCI. Very user friendly tools. The online support of DCI is super fast.

- K.B.R Housing Pvt Ltd, Nashik


Our detailers are using Digital Canal products and we are having very correct and quick quantities. All the best Digital Canal India.

- Mr. Rajesh Kulkarni ( Builder & Developer)


Cost is very low compared to its Use and User friendly operations , Digital Canal is very good in terms of service after sales.

- Mr. Rajit Ghalsasi.( Builder)


We have got the traininig sessions from Digital canal for our civil engineering students batch , it will be very good for the future of Civil Engineering Students.

- Mr. Ramdas Vasagade, Estimation Department, Bharati Vidyapeeth Polytechnic, Palus


We are using BMS tool for our construction company management , its very useful and cost is very low according to its utility.

- Trinity Constructions, Kolhapur


I am using all the 4 tools and these are really useful to save my time and ultimately grow my business.

- Mr. Kedar Khapare. (Promoter and Builder)


StelQ is very good for Steel Estimation, I am saving my 60% of time for calculations.

- Mr. Bahulekar S. ( Steel/Structural Designer)


Here are the FAQs about the tools

A. As the demonstration shows, the learning curve for StelQ and BidBuilder Estimating Software is only about 2 hours. However, if you have experience with estimating software the learning curve is less than 2 hours! All the software are shipped to you with training online video help built into the program. These training supplements walk you through any aspects of the tools you desire eliminating confusion and guess work. As always, if you have questions you can call us and speak with our expert estimators with real world experience that will help you. We know you are busy in the field with your projects – we are always here to help you with technology.
A. Digital Canal Tools offer many advantages that spreadsheets can’t compare to. To name a few, with BidBuilder , you will be working with an organized material database. This means all the material information will be in one location verses scattered throughout a spreadsheet. Update the price of material just ONCE and it is updated automatically throughout the entire database. BidBuilder also displays your estimate in easy to sort columns – no more scanning your spreadsheet for the needed number, item, assembly, price modification, etc. BidBuilder has equations and conversions built into the program, therefore saving you the time of creating them. And most of all, you won’t have to worry about broken equations or material not calculated correctly or lengthy price changes. Are you truly confident in your spreadsheet?
A. Yes. BidBuilder provides popular pre-designed reports but also enables you to create custom reports to help you manage your business.
A. No! Digital Canal Tools already contain hundreds of popular items in its database and is pre-organized for you. Included is a comprehensive residential database containing pre-created items and assemblies. This database makes it easy and fast to find any item or assembly. Unlike other estimating software products, you aren’t required to build anything from scratch nor do we force you to pay for the database. With these tools you can add, delete, or modify any existing item or completely customize your own database.
No. Unlike other software, the flexibility of Digital Canal India product enables you to estimate by selecting your preferences on a few quick settings vs. forcing you to learn new methodology and causing a painful learning curve.
A. Yes, in fact we have our own Award Winning digital takeoff software which is called “Digital Takeoff.” Digital Canal's take off software is one of only a couple truly professional products. With StelQ and BidBuilder, take full advantage of Digital Takeoff by using electronic drawings, files, or even importing CAD drawings from other software, architects or designers. This keeps your costs down, lets you respond to your prospective customer very quickly, makes you appear more professional and wins more projects!
A. BidBuilder is accurate to 10 decimal places – we think that this is more accuracy than you need, but we want to be sure that your profits are secured and surprises are eliminated! It is not easy to find building intelligence in software that protects your profits like BidBuilder will.
A. Yes. With BidBuilder/ StelQ you can easily and quickly offer your clients different design options. Maybe your client is indecisive between two kitchen layouts. BidBuilder/ StelQ lets you figure the price and cost for each layout – then easily update your estimate depending on their choice. This feature offers your clients design options which keep your bids competitive, while maintaining your profit margins. You will know exactly what your cost is – and profit is – for each option as you present them.
A. Yes. BidBuilder has an equation database which allows you to create and maintain your own equations. More importantly, BidBuilder/ StelQ won’t allow you to create an invalid equation, so you no longer have to worry about broken equations or material not calculating correctly. With equations, you will be producing accurate estimates quickly and easily
A. Absolutely. Because BidBuilder/ StelQ uses a true Microsoft database versus a spreadsheet, you can insert multiple types of information to keep you and your business organized. Some of this information includes clients, suppliers, subcontractors, part numbers, part codes, estimators, item notes, and more.
A. Yes, in fact up to 5 different prices are available. BidBuilder/ StelQ allows you to calculate material, labor, subcontractor, equipment, and miscellaneous prices – all within one database location.
A. Yes. Your BidBuilder/ StelQ estimate may easily be exported to Microsoft Excel, accounting software and project management software. Additionally, we also allow you to print your BidBuilder reports/proposals as Microsoft Word or PDF files.